Thursday, December 6, 2012

DIY Gold Ornaments

I was in the hobby shop and found this can of gold spray paint - super metallic finish! It gave me a  great idea for a little DIY. 

I see a lot of these glass/metal figurines in boutiques and always thought I could make them myself - just needed the right paint finish and I finally found it.

I love the Smurf, I don't know why he has horns and is eating a carrot but it was kitsch enough to catch my eye in the toy store.

It was super cold outside when I did this so I had to spray them in the garage and bring them inside to dry.

 They looked like they were made of 24k Gold, awesome.

I will definitely be using up this can of spray paint soon, I can see a few golden Hello Kitty figurines in store for my sister and maybe a whole Smurf Nativity Scene for my coffee table.

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